2011 - 2020

  • Carbon, watered energy fluxes in agricultural systems of Australia and New Zealand

  • An agricultural practise with climate and food security benefits: “claying” with kaolinitic clay subsoil decreased soil carbon priming and minerization in sandy cropping soil

  • Soil greenhouse gas emissions from Australian sport fields

  • Soil security for Australia

  • The short-term effects of liming on organic carbon mineralisation in two acidic soils as affected by different rates and application depths of lime

  • Water balance complexities in ephemeral catchments with different land uses: insights from monitoring and distributed hydrologic modelling

  • Fire in Australian savannas: from leaf to landscape

  • A micrometeorological technique for detecting small differences in methane emissions from two groups of cattle

  • Occasional large emissions of nitrous oxide and methane observed in stormwater biofiltration systems

  • Ammonia emissions from cattle urine and dung excreted on pasture

  • The link between peat hydrology and decomposition: beyond von post

  • Land use change and the impact on greenhouse gas exchange in north Australian savanna soils

  • Carbon chemistry and mineralization of peat soils from the Australian alps

  • Accumulation and attrition of peat soils in the Australian alps: isotopic dating evidence

  • Seasonal variation and fire effects on ch4, n2o and co2 exchange in savanna soils of northern Australia

  • Soils, crop nutrient status and nutrient dynamics on small-holder farms in central Tibet, china

  • Special—savanna patterns of energy and carbon integrated across the landscape​

  • The importance of termites to the ch4 balance of a tropical savanna woodland of northern Australia



  • Exploring Soils: A Hidden World Underground